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Whitianga Photographic Club November challenge - Gobo photography

Whitianga Photographic Club November challenge - Gobo photography

From Kate Beauchamp

November challenge: 'Gobo' photography was this month’s challenge. Gobo (short for Go Between) is a stencil, or object, which is placed between the light source and the subject to project a shadow pattern. It can help to create mood, or add to the drama of a scene, for example in film noir scenes.

Kate Beauchamp captured the winning image 'Day dreaming'. Elle Brookes kindly modelled for the portrait, which was shot in the garden in sunlight. Elle's friend Hannah then held up a glass dish to create the shadows.

It's a beautiful and detailed portrait with well-defined contrast between the light and the shadows which demonstrates the technique perfectly.

First - Kate Beauchamp; Second - Sean King; Third - Lia Priemus

Photo of the month: This was won by Karen Moffatt-McLeod with "Morning light"; a minimalist landscape with stunning light, textures and flowing shadows. The black and white edit works well too.

First - Karen Moffatt-McLeod, Second - Kate Beauchamp, Third - Lia Priemus

December challenge: This is Food photography. Food photography is not only making food look enticing; it's also about communicating the smells and flavours. Plus, we get to eat our work.

Whitianga Photographic Club has a public Facebook page, to showcase the work and achievements of our members. Anyone keen to join in can email our admin team

All images are copyright and permission for usage must be sought from the photographer.


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