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"Who me...Line dancing!!"

By Liz Sims

I didn't think this was my genre of dancing when my sister suggested years ago that I join her at a line dancing class in Darwin. I pictured people dressed like cowboys, hands in their jean pockets dancing cowboy shuffles. Years later I have swallowed these words and joined both clubs in Whitianga. I LOVE it. I'm a newly converted line dancer almost bordering on being obsessive. As well as a few of the fun country themed cowboy/cowgirl shuffles, it is so much more. Line Dancing is choreographed to all sorts of music from waltzes, latin, rock and roll, contemporary and pop.

Line Dancing is big in Whitianga. There are two different clubs with committed teachers. Kathy, with the help of Cecily, teaches and runs the Whitianga Line Dancing Club. The other is the Mercury Bay Line Dancing Club run and taught by Margaret and Glynis. I go to both groups and they are a joy. All the classes are extremely popular and are held at the town hall for just $5 a class. These classes are held on most days of the week and at all levels.

Why do I love it so much? For anyone who likes music, and/or dancing, it’s great exercise and it’s fun and relaxing. It can be as energetic as you want it to be and everyone has their own style. You can step it out, dance it, bounce it and have a good laugh. It is also very social and welcoming and a great way to meet people. It’s a feel-good way to exercise and is much more that a workout. It improves balance, bone density, coordination and importantly, cognitive function as we try to remember the sequences and steps. Any age and gender are welcomed.

There are beginners classes with no dance experience needed. As we became more proficient, we can move to improver and intermediate classes. We learn to do steps such as grapevines, rocking chairs, weaves and many more which are woven into quirky sounding dances such as “Boot Scooting Boogie, Cupid Shuffle, Hillbilly Rock and Watermelon Crawl”.

Line Dancing can be traced wayback to square dancing in the 1600’s in Europe. It was then brought by immigrants to USA and mixed with country dancing. The style has kept evolving and no doubt will keep evolving with all the different choreography and music genres.

Line Dancing is for anyone who likes music, exercise, fun and friendship. Come and give it a go.

Line Dancing Classes: Kathy's Wednesday Intermediate classes start on Wednesday,1 February and goes from 12noon to 2.00pm. The Monday Beginner and Improver classes start on Monday, 6 February from 10.00am to 1.45pm. Contact Kathy on 027 4321353 or Cecily on 027 2941750

Margaret's Beginner Class is on Tuesdays at 11.15am to 12.15pm and seniors from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

On Thursdays, the Improver Class is from 12.45pm to 2.15pm followed by the senior's class from 2.30pm to 4.00pm Contact Margaret on 0274638850 or Glynis on 0211099155

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