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Winter packs delivered to over 75 families in Mercury Bay.

By Whitianga Social Services.

“The annual Winter Drive for families in need within the Mercury Bay community has received very strong support,” says organiser, Stacey Gaskell, programme co-ordinator at Whitianga Social Services. The Winter drive for families and households in need has received brand new children's jackets, many issues of gum boots - all different sizes, raincoats, woollen hats, mittens and a number of beautifully hand-knitted woollen blankets.

Families who would really benefit from some extra help during winter, receive these packs. In addition, there are three bags of groceries with each bag full of necessities to help the household budget. “Families can self-refer”, says Stacey, “And we also have a number of families on our lists or referred confidentially by Mercury Bay Area School for whom we know that these winter packs are essential. For Stacey, the satisfying task is to get them all delivered and that has been done. Stacey added, “The Families or households have provided information, including children's clothing and gumboots size, so we can ensure the best result in allocating clothing and gumboots.” The food pack is also tailored for those in the The food pack includes meat, fresh and frozen vegetables, milk, dairy spread and varied pantry staples plus toiletries, if needed. “In addition, we ask clients to select what would be helpful from the following: umbrellas, heaters, warm socks, and hot water bottles.”

We are very grateful for al the community support and especially we want tot hank

Stacey is very grateful for the community support - individuals and businesses and churches who give so generously. “Our special thanks go to the Buffalo Beach066 066 winter packs 4 Square for all their help with the food parcels and to Bayleys Real Estate and Alana Baker for receiving the public donations of goods at the Bayleys office as well as their contributing to where we have a shortfall in certain things.”

Caption: Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat were added to each of the packs.

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