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Witty and excellent production in Coromandel

By Pam Ferla.

It takes something special to tempt people away from the comfort of home and the ‘telly’ on a freezing cold Friday night. But those that chose to experience the first night of Coromandel Players’ latest production “Winding Up”, by New Zealand playwright Roger Hall, were not disappointed.

Coromandel Players have a reputation for top notch performance and long- time members, Liz Cameron and Don Hughes, showcased their ability in this witty play. After taking on the challenge of Roger Hall’s “Conjugal Rights” in 2003, the duo returned to the stage for this sequel.

Retired dentist Barry, and his lawyer wife, Jen, have to face a new challenge when Barry’s leukaemia diagnosis highlights the reality of pending death. This clever script incorporates the humour of a retired couple’s daily life. But it also confronts the realities of facing death, and there are some thought-provoking moments. As the play progresses, the audience develops an affinity with the couple, leading to a build-up of emotion during the final scenes.

Meaningful delivery of dialogue is vital to the success of a play with only two actors. Expressive movements by both characters help bring the script to life.

And there’s a clever ending, with wife Jen addressing the audience as if they were actually attending the funeral!

But if you want to know the final outcome you need to be there. The professionalism of the actors was backed by smoothly delivered stage effects and good choice of music. Coromandel town is fortunate to have such a fine venue as Hauraki House and a talented theatre group.

This Week: “Winding Up” continues at Hauraki House this week with performances on Friday, 4 and Saturday, 5 August. Tickets from Coromandel Town Information Centre.

Caption: Don Hughes and Liz Cameron of Coromandel Players, perform “Winding Up”.


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