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World title in sight for Seth.

By Pauline Stewart.

Fundraiser Event at the school this Friday 12 May 1.00pm


Seth is now 16. He has several championships behind him including being second at the 2022 World Championships last year in Argentina.

Seth is off to Madrid, Spain for the ‘Scooter World Championships – Junior Street’ set for 16- 18 June. On the way to Spain, he travels to Melbourne for two days where he will rehearse with the other two New Zealand representatives and some Australians in the competition to prepare for the world stage. Seth is very keen to claim a first in this world competition. He smiles when The Informer asks him what he needs to do to train here in Whitianga. “Well, it would be great to have a better skate park. This one is fine for most hobby skaters, but for me to rehearse my moves at a higher level, I need to have more bars and a greater variety of scooter options. I cut my teeth on this skate park, so I am not complaining,” says Seth. Scooters require a bit more of everything and bigger, compared to skateboards,” adds Seth.

“I do basic training here and then Mum takes me to Te Awamutu where they have a new skate park. It’s important I do the same stuff every day, over and over again - keep perfecting and I can do that here. But there’s the other aspect. When you go to a new or different skate park, it presents opportunity to be creative. The competition is about skill and perfection in moves that you have practised forever, but also there is part of the competition where your creativity in moves is tested. So, I need to always try new things. Right now, I need to adjust my scooter. I have a good one that’s quite new, but it needs a small part cut off. There’s only one person I trust to do the work needed. He lives in Te Awamutu where I go to practise. Once I get my licence, it won’t be so hard on Mum to drive me everywhere and I can drive myself to training.”

Karyn, his Mum and wonderful supporter, is working with the MBAS, Seth’s school, to host a barbecue at school this Friday, 12 May during the lunch time. Students and their families are invited to buy lunch and also donate to the expenses Seth will have to pay as part of the time in Spain and Melbourne. The barbecue takes place in the courtyard area and parents just have to sign in at the office on their way through. This is a big trip for this young man who will represent New Zealand and who has done this before like a real ambassador.

Seth adds, “In Spain I must be careful to not overdo it – a clear mind and my body focussed is the key. Thank you Whitianga and my school, and to the local sponsors like the Warehouse for believing in me. This is a great place to grow up.”

Caption: Seth Smith.


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